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The main activity of our team is to design and create lamps, which are product of our artistic ideas.


Boutique lamps didesign is distinguished by its individuality and modern boutique style. Models have been developed as decorative sculptures, which can literally brighten up your home interior and give it an original atmosphere. With its warm effect, the lights can be both an attractive accent in the interior and serve as a primary light.  Didesign’s lamps create a sense of coziness and comfort through its unique shapes and specially selected materials. Luminaries are spectacular, artistic expressions not only at night but also during the day. When the lamp is turned off, it not only falls asleep, but transforms into abstract art sculpture.


Didesign’s boutique lamps are appropriate and look great for Homes, Business offices, Public organizations, Restaurants, and Hotels.

The lamps can be created customized by request. You can choose among different colors depending on your personal preference. This is what makes didesign’s lamps unique and distinguishes them from the mass distributed products.

For questions and tips when choosing a model, please do not hesitate to contact us.